Avocado Oil: Ripe for Manipulation

Fraud is nothing new to the edible oil industry. As demand for avocado oil grows and its popularity soars, fraudulent practices have begun to pervade this new kid on the block.

According to food scientists at the University of California, Davis, 82% of avocado oils on grocery store shelves are either rancid or mixed with inferior oils. Both extra virgin avocado oil and refined avocado oil samples were used in the study and both types showed indications of adulteration, poor quality, or mislabeling. A lack of quality standards in the industry has made monitoring avocado oils in grocery stores nearly impossible. The integrity of the category has been left to US retailers to uphold, but most have not.

The study highlighted an unfair playing field for honest manufacturers. Mislabeling avocado oil is a dangerous and deceitful practice. Consumers hold expectations for avocado oil because of its health benefits. These attributes are compromised with contaminants and toxins when adulterated or rancid.

Not all avocado oil producers are rotten, some actually ripen to perfection! CalPure, out of Oxnard, California, was named in the article to be one of the few producers making 100% pure avocado oil. They’re working closely with other industry leaders to establish universal quality standards. You can read about them here.

Credit: University of California, Davis, “Study Finds 82 Percent of Avocado Oil Rancid or Mixed With Other Oils”

Read full article here: https://www.ucdavis.edu/food/study-finds-82-percent-avocado-oil-rancid-or-mixed-other-oils/