Should the Golden Coast Consider Renaming Itself to the Emerald Green Coast?

The California coast may be known as the Golden Coast but should we consider renaming ourselves the Emerald Green Coast? The legacy of the emerald green and delicious Hass avocados started in California in the 1920s and today they hold the trophy for the most popular avocado in the world. Their blossoming to brilliance is largely attributed to California farmers and the many people who enjoy growing them at home

California’s Hass avocados stand out to consumers for their exceptional quality and flavor, according to a recent study. Our mild ocean climate and sunny skies make growing the perfect Hass avocados a breeze. Our coastal land is so unique that less than 1% of the state is suitable for growing avocados.

California’s extra virgin avocado oil is just as special as the fruit it’s made from. The first study of its kind was done by UC Davis on quality and purity evaluations in the US avocado oil industry. CalPure Foods is one exemplary California-based brand who takes the lead as having the highest quality extra virgin avocado oil found in the study.

The craft of pressing extra virgin avocado oil takes care and precision. CalPure is able to keep production local and take careful measures in every step of the process:

  • Keeping the fruit cool and fresh until pressing
  • Ripening the fruit to perfection
  • Sorting only the highest quality fruit
  • Monitoring the oil temperature to maintain its health benefits
  • Pressing the oil gently to retain its emerald green hue

CalPure’s extra virgin avocado oil has demonstrated that superheroes do exist for this superfood!

*Calpure is pressed and distributed exclusively by AvoPacific