AvoPacific’s Guide to Storing Avocado Oil

If you’re like most people, you might assume that your avocado oil will last you forever. Unfortunately, as much of a super-food this oil is, it doesn’t last forever and can actually become rancid when stored improperly.

There are a handful of factors that can affect avocado oil’s freshness including light, temperature, moisture, and oxygen exposure. Believe it or not, most of these elements are equally threatening to extra virgin avocado oil and refined avocado oil. Keeping your oil stored properly will prolong its freshness allowing for better tasting and healthier oil!


Most avocado oil that you’d find in a grocery store or online will come in dark green, painted, or tin bottles due to the chlorophyll content of the avocado oil. Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in extra virgin avocado oil and is highly sensitive to UV (ultra-violet) light. Exposing avocado oil to UV light will accelerate the degradation of the oil. Make sure your avocado oil always comes in one of the above bottle types and keep it away from sunlight by storing it in dark cabinets.


Avocado oil should always be stored at ambient temperatures as heat exposure can lead to poor quality oil. Ideally, you should store your oil at a temperature between 65-70°F. It’s not always possible to keep your kitchen at a controlled temperature but storing your bottle in a dark cabinet is likely your safest bet.


It’s no mystery that oil and water don’t mix. When these two substances are combined, water will inevitably sink to the bottom and accelerate rancidity. Avoid exposing your oil to steam or condensation by tightly sealing it immediately after use.

Oxygen Exposure

Avocado oil thrives without air! In fact, exposing avocado oil to oxygen causes oxidation and degradation. It’s best to keep your oil opened only as needed and make sure your cap is screwed on tightly. Try to avoid keeping a pour spout on your bottle to prevent oxygen from sneaking in. They sure are pretty but they’re not a long-term cap replacement!

AvoPacific takes rigorous steps in ensuring that our avocados and avocado oil are stored in the most ideal conditions for a healthy and delicious end-product for our consumers. Our avocados are stored at controlled temperatures until they’re ripened to perfection and ready to press. Once pressed, both our extra virgin avocado oil and refined avocado oil are kept in heavy duty, stainless steel tanks to stay protected from light, unstable temperatures, moisture, and oxygen. Once we transfer our oil to its final packaging, we recommend that it be consumed within 18 months for optimal freshness, flavor, and health benefits.