Key Differences Between Extra Virgin
and Refined Avocado Oil

One of the most common questions we get about avocado oil is “what is the difference between refined and extra virgin?” Although these oils come from the same source, they’re actually quite different in terms of their characteristics and applications. Check out our detailed explanation below of their differences and how to use them!

Refined Avocado Oil:

Refined avocado oil is the most common and widely available type of avocado oil because of its versatility. Removing the flavor, color, and overall avocado essence leaves you with a clarified and neutral oil that can be used for culinary and cosmetic purposes. When these “impurities” are removed safely (without the use of harmful chemicals or solvents), refined avocado oil will still maintain the same nutritional benefits as extra virgin avocado oil. At AvoPacific, we use a traditional refining process that excludes the use of chemicals and solvents and retains the integrity of the oil. 

A major reason why refined avocado oil is such a hit is because it can be used to cook and bake at high temperatures. When cooking an oil past its respective smoke point, you’re not only exposing yourself to an undesirable smell and flavor but also unhealthy free radicals and toxic fumes. Refined avocado oil has one of the highest smoke points of any cooking oil at 500°F. 

Refined avocado oil is also widely used throughout the cosmetic industry because it’s a great source of omega fatty acids and antioxidants such as Vitamin E. These antioxidants and healthy fats can provide deep moisturization for skin and hair, assist in wound healing, and even treat acne. 

Extra Virgin Avocado Oil:

Keeping up with refined avocado oil is no easy task but extra virgin avocado oil has its own special set of bells and whistles. Although less common on grocery store shelves, extra virgin avocado oil has a decadence and rarity that owes itself to the unique fruit that it’s pressed from. 

Extra virgin” refers to the grade of the oil and indicates that it’s in its purest and freshest form. We take pride in the purity and authenticity of our extra virgin avocado oil knowing that it’s always made from the highest quality fruit and first-pressed to maintain its health benefits and delicious flavor. 

The emerald green color and buttery, soft flavors of our extra virgin avocado oil reveal the qualities of the world-famous Hass avocado. With a smoke point of 350-375°F, this oil can be used for lower heat cooking but works best as a finishing drizzle, dip, or dressing. 

It may not be as popular an option as a cosmetic ingredient because of its distinct color, flavor, and scent but extra virgin avocado oil can absolutely be used on its own as a wonderfully hydrating addition to your skincare and haircare routine.