Avocado Oil for Skin and Hair

Avocado oil is well known for its many nutritional benefits. These same properties that make avocado oil so healthy to consume can also contribute to skin and hair health when applying it topically. 

Avocado oil is rich in healthy omega fatty acids, Vitamin E and other antioxidants which is why it’s been used by cosmetics companies for decades as a skincare ingredient. Refined avocado oil is most commonly used as an ingredient in skin and hair care products because it’s neutral in smell and clear in color. It’s most popular cosmetic capabilities include:

  • Protection against sun damage
  • Reducing inflammation and itchiness in irritated skin
  • Protection from ultraviolet rays 
  • Deep moisturization to combat chapped skin and fine lines

If you are looking to enhance your skincare or hair care routine at home, you can simply use the avocado oil in your pantry as a solo regimen or in combination with other common household products. Here are a few of our favorite effortless tips and tricks for spa time at home:

  • For nighttime moisturization: Apply a pea sized amount of avocado oil (any type) to your face after cleansing. Rinse with a mild cleanser in the morning.
  • All natural makeup remover: Mix 2 tsp avocado oil with ½ tsp castor oil and apply using a cotton pad or fingers to remove makeup. This is a safe and gentle alternative to harsh alcohol-based makeup removers that can dry out skin. 
  • To enhance curls and waves: Apply 1-2 drops of avocado oil to the palm of your hand and rub your hands together for even distribution. Lightly run your hands through the ends of your hair. Can be applied when damp or dry.
  • As a deep moisturizing hair mask: Apply oil liberally to scalp and massage. Let sit for as long as you wish before shampooing. For best results, let the oil penetrate your hair strands overnight and shampoo the following morning.